Nepali language was originated from the Khas empire. The present Nepali language is also called the Khas language.

There was a huge and powerful kingdom in Karnali region called Khas empire. Khas kings ruled over here making Sinja valley as their capital. It is also known as Sinja empire. Sinja empire is mentioned in the inscription found in Kumau. Sinja valley lies in Jumla district at present.

Aditya Malla invaded over Kathmandu twice a time. Punya Malla also had attacked over Kathmandu valley. In 1369 BS, Ripu Malla had offered a feast to the people of Kathmandu valley after doing puja to Pashupati, Swyambhu and other deities.

Nagraj who came from the Khari state of south-west Tibet and started to rule making the Sinja as his capital. The inscription of Dullu clearly mention that Nagraj had made several rules and regulations in Khas kingdom. He had made several reforms. He extended the western boundary of his kingdom up to Kumau and Gadhwal, northern boundary up to Tibet, southern boundary up to terai and eastern boundary up to Gandaki River. Juma seems to be a backwards place in the context of present situation however, it was the most powerful and prosperous state during the rule of Nagraj.