European Union was established on 1958. Its headquarter is in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. The European countries are rich and developed. In its beginning there were 15 countries associated in this organization. Its chairmanship is chaired by its member nations one after another. It has been working for common market and economic organization. This organization co-operated among themselves during various problems.

Nepal can get some trading and economic benefit. Nepal can import the necessities for itself and export its products and increase the income sources. Nepal can also get benefit through the educational, natural and cultural exchange. We have got some help for natural conservation from those countries. Through the promotion of tourism Nepal can earn some foreign currency from tourist who come and observe and cultural heritages.

The landlocked countries, like Nepal, of Asia and Europe are as follows

Asia Europe
Bhutan, Afghanistan, Laos, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirghistan, etcSwitzerland, Macedonia, Hungary, chic republic, Australia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Luxemburg, Belarus etc.
In comparison to Nepal their economic status is developed. They are better in agriculture, industry, trade, services. Their economic growth is higher than Nepal. Transport, communication and education are more prosperous than that of Nepal.