Mediterranean regions have hot and dry summer and wet and cool winters. This type of climate is suitable for fruit culture. Orchard farming is a major activity of this region. Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grape and limes are extensively cultivated in many parts of this region. Wines are prepared from grapes and exported to markets all over the world. Olives are grown for oil. Nuts such as chest nuts, walnuts and almonds are grown. A large no. of fruit canning industries is established here. So this region is called “the garden of the world”. This is why fruit farming is popular in Mediterranean region of Europe.

Southern Europe between 13 degree N – 45 degree N latitude, has Mediterranean type of climate. Such climate has bright sunny, hot and dry summers and mild rainy winters. On shore, westerly wind blows from the sea to the land in winter and brings rainfall. This is the only climatic type in which there is rainfall only in winter. The summer temperature is about 24 degree C and the winter temperatures are about 13 degree C.

Most of the European countries are developed because

  1. They have become able to bring positive changes in everyone’s life.
  2. They have become established all infrastructures of development.
  3. They have established several kind of industries and have become successful in balancing trade.
  4. They have properly utilized their available resources.