During the war at Khalanga fort, the General and Maubi, the Colonel attacked the fort with 3500 soldiers and 15 guns in their arms. One night before the attack of Khalanga fort, Sir Robert Gillespie wrote a threatening letter asking the Nepalese to surrender but Balbhadra Kunwar and his warriors rejected. The next morning English side attacked the fort, not only men but also women and children responded from fort. At the end English battalion, unable to resist the Nepalese army, made an escape to Dehradhun. At the escape of English force at defeat, Balbhadra Kunwar sent a letter to Kathmandu with request for more army help but no help was provided.

The well-equipped force made second attempt on the Khalanga fort, The Nepalese force responded with bricks and rocks. Nepalese women bravely blocked their hearts with holes that developed in the forts as the results of the guns fired by English soldiers. The English soldiers blocked the source of water in the fort, due to which, Nepalese had to surrender. Although Nepalese surrendered, even the Englishmen respected the bravery of the Nepalese warriors.

Balbhadra Kunwar was a brave warrior. His contribution plays an important role in the history of Nepal. Balbhadra Kunwar made a huge remark in the hearts of Englishmen. The Englishmen had, in honor of the bravery of the Nepalese people, written in memorial stone the words like "As a tribute of respect for our gallant adversary BULBUDDER, the commander of the fort and HIS BRAVE GOORKAS…" which meant Balbhadra Kunwar, although after the defeat, managed to win the hearts of the Englishmen and managed to gain respect for him and Nepalese people.
The Nepalese soldiers were dying of thirst and foul smell of dead bodies after the Englishmen bocked the source of water. As the Englishmen had control over the fort, the Nepalese could not live there so they leave the Khalanga fort for another fort.

Mulpani Kathmandu

2nd August , 2014


The Editor

Gorkha Patra

Gorkha Patra Samsthan, Dharmapath Kathmandu

Dear sir,

I would like to draw attention of the Nepalese people and the government for the conservation of the memorial stone at Nalapani through your newspaper. The stone was installed by the English in honor of the bravery shown by Bir Balabhadra Kunwar and his associates during the Anglo-Nepal War. It really speaks of the brave Nepalese people's courageous efforts to fight the British force that sense it is a glory and great asset of the nation. But it is not getting proper care these days. It is the time for taking necessary initiatives at the government and individual level. I hope the government with due co- operation of the people will launch necessary action for the conservation of the stone.


Anita Shrestha
Men and Women are Equal
Pokhara march 9
Mr. Bum Bhahadur Kari, a lawmaker, spoke on the importance of women in the national life amidst a gathering organize here to mark the women's day today. The gathering was chaired by the Mayor of the Pokhara sub-metropolis. Mr Karki pointed out (memorized) the bravery shown by our brave Nepalese women in the battle of khalanga during Anglo-Nepal War while shedding light on their importance in the national life. He said the Nepalese women should leave the thought of backwardness and inferiority complex and make active participation in every field. Learning a lesson from their ancestors who fought bravely and blocked with their hearts the holes that developed in the forts as the result of the guns fires by the English soldiers, they should fight against their odds and become victorious. He further said it is the need of time and circumstances for men and women to act hand in hand for the prosperity of the nation . This point of him was highly applauded by the audience.