A woman's life undergoes a major change once her child is born. She has to focus a lot of her attention and also be aware of the physical, cognitive and social development of her child. A child's academic performance depends a lot on the encouragement; praise and moral support of the family than objective indicators. Mothers play a responsible role in childrens' education and health. If there were not to be mothers, then a child wouldn't succeed in his life. A child's behavior completely describes the family background, his mother and his family. A mother encourages her child to achieve good in his life, supports and prepares her child to cope up with the life ahead. She prepares her child physically, mentally and socially to fight against the world. A mother plays a vital role in all round development of child.

Prithivi Narayan Shah instead of losing hope started preparing his armies and swords. He gave top priority to army service and made provisions for training youths, and appointed of people of various castes. He also made provision of Marawat, a compensation for soldier' death paid to his family.

Among the four queens of Narabhupal Shah, the eldest queen Chandraprabhawati was childless; Prithivi Narayan Shah, Dalmardan Shah and Prithivipal Shah were born to Kausalyawati, the second wife. Buddhinath, the third wife gave birth to Brindkeshar Shah and Surpratap Shah. Similarly, the last queen Shuvadra gave birth to Mahoddam kriti Shah and Daljit shah. Brindkeshar Shah died after few days of his birth and Prithvipal shah also died before his "Bratabandha" ceremony. The rest of the five sons' of three mothers had a good relationship like Pandavas. All played great roles in the unification campaign. There was respect to elders and love to younger. Evaluating their brotherhood, unity, friendship and tilt towards unification, Prithivi Narayan shah called his brothers "five pandav from the three mothers".

Narabhupal shah attacked Nuwakot but couldn't conquer it. Prithivi Narayan shah also attacked Nuwakot but he also became unsuccessful. Nuwakot was a trade route through which traders could enter Tibet. It was suitable place to collect information of Kathmandu valley and a productive place to grow crops. Such failures and advantages of Nuwakot inspired Prithivi Narayan shah to conquer Nuwakot.

The Gorkhali troops were unsuccessful twice in the war against Nuwakot because

  • Gorkha had poor economic condition, so they could not supply the army with food, clothes and other necessary things.
  • They had lack of understanding between Pandey and Magar.
  • They had lack of geographical information of Nuwakot.
  • They had lack of provisions of army and ammunitions.

The first invasion of Nuwakot by Prithivi Narayan shah failed. Then, Prithivi Narayan shah decided not to attack Nuwakot again unless he analyze the situation and strengthen army having enough arms and ammunition. He pretended to change "Gotra", collected money from the people and went to Banaras. But his real objectives were to worship the God, meet his father-in-law (Abhiman Singh) and seek help and import arms, ammunition, trainers and technicians.

Narabhupal shah was extremely shocked by the defeat with Nuwakot. He used to roam away leaving the palace. He was not interested in ruling. So, Chandraprabhawati, the eldest wife made Prithivi Narayan shah as informal King and managed the rule the country. She provided lesson and opportunity for Prithivi Narayan shah to rule.

Prithivi Narayan shah made friendship with Bir Narsingh Malla (son of Ranjit Malla) and stayed for three months in Bhaktapur. The following were the reasons behind his stay in Bhaktapur making the friendship treaty:

  • To become close to states of Kathmandu valley.
  • To understand the political, economical and social condition of valley states.
  • To understand the ways, how the condition of the Gorkha could be strengthened to attack the valley.

Prithivi Narayan shah went to Makawanpur to fetch his bride and have view over Kathmandu valley. But due to few irresponsible acts the relation was degraded. The soldiers of Makawanpur saluted Prithivi Narayan shah without removing their shoes. He considered it as an insult. There were serious exchanges of hot words between Prithivi Narayan shah and the prince of Makawanpur, Digbandhan Sen. After these conflict, Prithivi Narayan shah returned Gorkha without his wife.

Yes we have been to an educational tour of a historical place. On the basis of the visit, a report is prepared :

  1. Location: The place we visited is Gorkha durbar which lies in Gorkha district to the north of Gorkha Bajar.
  2. The title of our study: "A Historical Tour To Gorkha Durbar
  3. Objectives of the study:
    • To find historical facts about the construction and development of Grkha durbar.
    • To understand the historical importance of Gorkha durbar.
    • To identify the problem and conservation efforts made to conserve Gorkha durbar.
  4. Information collection method: Information was collected by field observation, interview and books, journals and news papers.
  5. Findings:
    • The foundation stones of Gorkha Durbar were laid by Drabya Shah.
    • Ram Shah added the beauty of his Durbar by completing design and its construction using attractive carvings.
    • The 10 kings from Drabya shah to Prithivi Narayan Shah ruled from this durbar
    • After he unified Nepal, no Kings stayed on this Durbar
    • The Durbar was constructed in medieval style
    • The pagoda style roof and different carvings were made by Newars who form Kathmandu during the period of Ram Shah
    • It is the main place through which the study of the forefathers of his/majesty the king is possible
    • The study of this Durbar also enables us to know about the medieval art and architecture
  6. Recommendations and conclusions:
    At the visit we came to a conclusion that Gorkha palace is important from religious and historical point of view. It is one of the major tourist centers of a country. We made the following recommendation to solve the problems:
    • Public participation should be increased to preserve the palace
    • The environment around the place should be clean
    • Hotels, lodge, restaurants, etc should be managed nearby the palace