The difference between rights and duties are given below:
Rights Duties
Right is the legal, social or ethical principles country provides a citizen. Duty is a responsibility one does for the country.
Rights benefits citizens. Duties benefit others.
Rights include Human rights, Child rights, Justice etc. Duties include paying taxes, moral duties, casting votes etc.
Moral duties are different from legal duties as following:
Moral duties Legal duties
Moral duty is a duty to lead a simple and honest life with sense of respect and honor. Legal duty is a duty done lawfully or as law requires us to do.
Failure to moral duties may not bring legal actions but bad impression from the society. Failure to legal duties invites legal actions and may also lead to degradation to their status .
Moral duties are: Allegiance, obedience, payment of taxes, etc. Legal duties are: not to be negligent, to keep safe, public watchfulness, etc.
The duties of student include:
  • Participating in learning opportunities
  • Accept increasing responsibility
  • Complete homework
  • Attend school regularly
  • Be part of a safe and positive learning environment
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Obey all policies

Students should follow these duties as students are the future of the country and if they are trained to fulfill their duties from now then in the future, they will be able to fulfill their responsibility and develop the country. Students should follow these duties also because, if not followed, not only their studies get hampered but also other students. 

The right to vote can be misused by voting for the wrong candidate. In an election, every vote counts and if people don't attend the election then the majority may go towards the wrong candidate and the country goes in the wrong hands. Therefore it is very essential to make sure that the right vote is not misused.