Provisions made by the Interim Constitutions of 2063 B.S in the area of social reformations has made provision for social justice, inclusive , and federal state, responsible government, efficient legislative, religious tolerance, gender equality and so on. As a result the state adopted policies to encourage the development of women, Dalits, Janajatis and other disadvantaged groups of people.
Many international organizations INGO' are providing technical and financial assistance. Some of the organizations involved in social reforms are:
  • ILO
  • Action Aid Nepal
  • International Nepal Fellowship
  • SOS
Corruption is a vital social problem in our society. To solve this problem we should:
a. Government's work should be transparent .
b. Strict and hard punishment should be maintained, etc.
Jayasthithi Malla divided the caste system based on works. His divisions on caste system were taken as revolution that time although it has no good consequences at present. It was taken as common that happiness and prosperity would be prevalent if tradition occupation is followed. It was clear in medieval period but it became so puzzling. It was problematic between migrants and nature dwellers in regarding to the professionals. Paying attention to some such extents, Jayasthithi Malla divided to people based on their works. Due to this, there could not be any quarrelling. Therefore, it was said to be greater social reforms.
The system where the wife has to die in Chita with the dead body of husband is called Sati System. If the wife rejected to burn in Chita, she was badly beaten and compelled to burn herself. In the death of Yognarendra Malla, 31 women had to burn and die with him. This sort of inhuman system was eradicated by Chandra Shumsher.
Muluki Ain was a revolutionary concept of social reformation in the history of Nepal, for the first time it was legally mentioned to avoid untouchability. It was banned on child marriage, polyandry, polygamy etc. legally. It legally generalized to widow-marriage and court-marriage. If it could be legally implemented even in that time Nepalese society could be reformed in the full fledge. So, it is said that it was a revolutionary social effort to bring reformation.
Scouts has been helping and providing many kinds of service in my community. There is junior Scout in my school. I am also member of this organization. We collect fund from our parents and school and use that. Sometimes we get help from social workers and other organizations as well. We have constructed a toilet in our school with that fund. This organization also plays an active role in controlling the mass of Halesi in Shivaratri and Ramnawami.