The women of VDC thank Nawalparasi thank VDC because of VDC their husband reformed. Their husband quitted alcohol and became good person.
The programs of FPAN in the field of social reformation are:
  • organizing quiz and media shows
  •  poster and photo and photo contest
  •  debates, essay, oratory contest and musical programs
  •  Creating awareness about reproductive health issues and problems.
Dalit society has been classified as the lower group in our society. Society is changing rapidly and a lot of positive changes are taking place because of which people are changing their attitude towards Dalits or maybe due to certain laws, people are not discriminating Dalits. Dalits are been given more propriety in many sectors and I think this is one of the positive change which I have noticed.
Mothers group is gaining popularity these days because these groups perform a wide range of functions such as general community welfare, health education and support income-generation, money-raising, etc.
The three measures are:
a. Education should be provided to all.
b. Awareness programme should be conducted in the places where social problems are rooted.
c. Strict laws should be made and executed.
There is a club in my locality. Its name is "Jana Jagriti Club". The roles of club to solve problems are:
a. It conducts awareness programme on several burning problems.
b. It launches literacy programme for children, women, adult and old.
I live in Morang district. There are many social organizations in my district. They are:
Name of organization Work
Human Development and Rural Development Centre To bring sustainable development in the life of poor and low class people increase in come and protect their human rights.
Sustainable and Proper Development Academy To make Karnali Zone self-reliant, socially justifiable and equal by retaining it from hunger, social inequality and political helplessness.
Maya Sadan (Home) To provide welfare and encourage orphan, disabled, abandoned, destitute and risky children.
Human Culture Development forum To restore peace and bring development in human beings through respect, development and promotion of determined human tendency of transformation.
Indeed, mother's groups have played very important role to eliminate social problems. The beginning of mother's groups for the first time started from Gurung communities of Western hills two decades ago. The man have been out to work, the women have been united and involve in various works. Slowly it has taken the shape of organization and it has involved in social works. It has extended Nepal-wide. Even women have started to fight massively against theft, robbery, different social problems. At least, Gurung women have developed the trend of being united.
Names of organization or club: Jana Jagriti club

Officials of organization: President: Bina Ghimire
Vice president: Ganesh Upadhyaya
Secretary: Anup Rai
Treasurer: Susma Ghimire
Members: Nabin Gajurel
Members: Kabita Tamang
Members: Sandip Rai
Members: Surendra Lama
Members: Nisha Nagarkoti
Members: Manju Nagarkoti
Members: Udaya Giri

Objectives of the organization:
To run the programmes for social reformation and activities

Activities of organization:
  • It has prohibited drugging and selling on alcohol and gambling.
  • It has conducted awareness programme on health.
  • It has run, skill base training and sports programme.

Future plan of organization:
It has aimed to do people's participative physical development.
I live in Kailali district. There are many social organizations in my district. They are: S.N. Name Activities 1. Nainadevi Youth Club Conserving Buddhism and environment 2. Manekor Society Nepal Conserving things of social, education and historical importance 3. Lali Gurans Group Running programmes for community development 4. women's Group Helping women to get organized and make savings 5. Janajagaran Manch Encouraging savings and co-ordinate with the concerned bodies 6. Lahare Pauwa Buffer Zone Committee Running programmes of public awareness and environmental conservation 7. Kalika Youth Group Running program of urban cleanliness and conservation of cultural heritages 8. Long Foundation Nepal Running programmes of education, economic and physical development 9. Small Enterprise Organization Giving training on short term skill and employment generation 10. Canvas Given training to journalists and exploring and working towards exploration and conservation of historical and cultural aspects
Health Net Nepal
HealthNet Nepal is a non-governmental organization(NGO) that serves the Nepalese health community by providing affordable Internet service, access to health information, and technical support for several regional information information-sharing initiatives. The user of HealthNet Nepal is health workers from several prominent health and medical facilities, university department, and non-governmental organizations. HealthNet Nepal was established in partnership with SATWLLIFE, a non- governmental organization based in Watertown, Massachusetts whose mission is to combat isolation and information poverty among health professionals throughout the developing world.
They are:
  • Health for Nepal
  • Maiti Nepal
  • Didibahini Samuha
  • Eco-Himal
  • Shakti Samuha
  • Bal Mandir etc.
Based on the news published in different newspapers and broadcast on radio or TV, the works of some NGO's are:
a. Maiti Nepal: Its works are:
- To rehabilitate the victims of girls trafficking and domestic violence.
- To monitor strongly in border area where girl trafficking takes place.
- To create awareness programme on girl trafficking and domestic violence.
b. INSEC: Its works are:
- To work on human rights.
- To find out and study on the activities of violation of human rights.
- To inform and make the state aware of the violation of human rights.
c. Poverty Elimination Fund: Its works are:
- To unite the poor.
- To assist economically for the income generating programme.
- To study, monitor and evaluate to such groups.
d. Didi bahini: Its works are:
- To raise the voice against gender discrimination.
- To study and investigate gender discrimination.
- To create and conduct awareness programme against suppression and violence against women.
Nepal is a developing country. In developing countries like Nepal, there will be several non-governmental organizations, so there are many in Nepal too. They are BASE, INSEC, NEFEJ, NLA, Health Net Nepal, Didibahini etc. These organizations have been working in various sectors of Nepal and thus providing a wide range of contribution for social reform.
Although they are working for people's betterment, they concentrate for earning. These social organizations get much more financial support from donor agencies. However, they do not work even a ten percent. Nominally they are working but for they own benefits and personal matters.