The list of social problems in the Nepalese society are as follows:
  • Girls trafficking
  • Refugee problem
  • Untouchability
  • Drug abuse
  • Child labor
  • Dowry
  • Sexual abuse
  • Gender discrimination
  • Lingual inequality
  • Racial inequality
No, we should not stop using English language in the name of saving our local languages as English is an internationally recognized language. English is the only language spoken all over the world. Protecting our local languages is a must but stopping the use of English language makes us incapable of speaking to the foreigners and if someday we visit the other countries it makes our living more difficult.

Superstition and Gender discrimination are two serious problems of our society as superstition blinds people and because of which they are forced to follow silly acts to fulfill their wishes. Following such acts would never fulfill their wishes but destroys the lives of animals and children and also creates a negative impact in the society. Belief has a limit but believing in something more than necessary is called superstition. In Nepal, superstition has led its roots very deep. Superstition is a bad practice in the society.

Gender discrimination relates to the discrimination done according to the gender of a human, which is not right. Male or female, both should be equally treated in the society. As discriminating discourages female population due to which females will always be left behind in every fields of life. In Nepalese society, gender discrimination is practiced in every part of country. Girl are not privileged to do simple things like going to school, choosing their career paths etc.

The social problems based on priority based on complexity are given below :
  • Girls Trafficking
  • Dowry system
  • Gender discrimination
  • Unemployment
  • Child labour
  • Alcoholism
  • Untouchability
  • Prostitution
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Abuse et

Really, gender inequality is a national problem, which is rooted all over Nepal. Its main cause is male dominant society, Nepal is a male dominated society. Even son and daughter are discriminated economically and academically. Domestic works and household works are the daily basis of women. Women have to spend much time in serving her husband and mother in law. Society and nation seems to have behaved with women as second-class citizens. Even legally, there are discrimination between man and woman. The women are taken as machine to produce children.

The traditional social problems, which are in practices for a long time in Nepal, are as :

  • Dowry system
  • Kamaiya system
  • Superstition
  • Alcoholism
  • Gambling
  • Untouchability
  • Gender discrimination
  • Child labour
  • Chhaupadi system
  • Ghumto system
  • Deuki system
  • Jhuma system, etc.
The modern social problems, which are caused after the development of science and technology, are as :
  • Changes in life style from tradition to modern
  • Unnecessary expenditure
  • Use of varied alcoholism
  • Prostitution
  • Girls trafficking
  • Use of drugs
  • Use of unnecessary ornaments
  • Imitation of western culture, etc.

Superstition is belief in something beyond logical reasoning. In the context of Nepal, superstition is a deep rooted social problem. Untouchability, witchcraft, child marriage, etc. are the examples of superstition practiced in Nepal. Superstition has shown obstacles for the development and for the social changes. Some men and women are misbehaved very inhumanely in the name of witchcraft. Women cannot get married after the death of their husband but men are allowed to get married after the death of wife. Women are made captive as housewives only. If it is menstruation period in women, they are not allowed to enter inside their home. Such superstitions have hindered rapid development of our country. So it is taken as social problems.

Following are the social problems prevalent in my community and their causes.
Social problems Causes
1. Castism and untouchability Lack of education and superstition.
2. Alcoholism and gambling. Unemployment and bad company.
3. Child labour. Poverty and iliteracy.
4.Witchcraft Lack of doctor and superstition.
5. Gender discrimination and dowry system. Iliteracy, imitation and superstition.
6. Domestic violence. Iliteracy, alcoholism and dowry system.
Problems Position now Solution measures
Gender discrimination Laws not properly implemented Publicize laws and raise awareness.
Untouchabality Still practiced in rural areas Strict punishment
Unemployment Widespread
Job opportunities should be provided by the government.
Dowry system Still practice both in cities and rural areas of Nepal One should be imprisoned if he is found giving or taking dowry

Problems related to class Still practice in villages of Nepal Strict rules should be implemented
Drug abuse Increasing in number Buying and selling of drugs should be banned and if found should be imprisoned
Refugee problems
Girls trafficking Increasing in number Publicize laws and raise awareness
Domestic violence Even laws not enough Strict rules should be implemented and awareness
Problems Solutions
Gender discrimination Publicize laws and raise awareness.
Untouchabality Strict punishment
Unemployment Job opportunities should be provided by the government.
Dowry system One should be imprisoned if he is found giving or taking dowry
Problems related to class Strict rules should be implemented
Drug abuse Buying and selling of drugs should be banned and if found should be imprisoned
Girls trafficking Publicize laws and raise awareness
Domestic violence Strict rules should be implemented and awareness

Yes, social problems are created socially and need to be tackled socially. It is not that these social problems was self created but we social beings created it. We were the one who discriminated women, we didn't respected them, we abused them, we asked dowry, etc. If we never did this it could never have become a social problem and now that it has become a social problem we should solve them socially. We can solve them by many ways such as creating awareness, forcing government to make strict news not only this we should not take or give dowry. By this we can solve and stop social problems too.

To prevent untouchability and dowry system firstly, we should aware people not to give or take dowry as it is illegal, if you see people doing such activities its your duty to complain about the in the police as you are one of the member of this Nepal family. To prevent untouchability we should not believe in low cast system or high class because all men are created equally. Not only these if we see this its our duty to aware them that it totally illegal by this we can put little help to solve these problems.
As a conscious citizen, my duty is to serve for the society and nation. As I got education, I would try to remove drawbacks and wrong behavior found within my home, my society and me. Firstly, I would like to correct my attitude and behavior towards society. After that, my role to solve all kinds of problems is as follows:
a. I would provide education to all in my personal efforts.
b. I would conduct several awareness programmes among all the people.
c. I would help government to implement strict rule and regulations.
d. I would manage to settle or rehabilitate to victims and provide them skillful trainings.

There is common prevalence of child labour in our society. Its main cause is poverty. For this, every sector should be prepared to reduce poverty. Poor children should be assisted form everywhere. There are national and international laws against child labour. Although the laws have been made, they are not executed in our country. However, the laws must be followed by everyone. To follow the rules, we should start from our home. In the name of child labour, there will be several seminars, gosthis, programmes but I suggest implementing laws very strictly.