A library is a good source of knowledge. A wide range of books are available there. Newspapers and magazines are about current affairs. Knowledge in every field can be obtained from a well stock library. The books are accessible and affordable for all. Using library is a method of continuing learning for many people. So the government should make this a priority .

A cooperative is a group of people who jointly own a business, run it and share benefits. Most Nepalese people lack capital for mobilizing their resources. But, when they are united in a cooperative, they can raise funding from their collective contribution. They can also get loan from financial institutions more easily. So it is the only method for poor people to create self-employment opportunities and raise their economic level. To mention the fact , cooperatives have been very active and popular in the country over the last 15 years.

Lack of capital Raise funding from internal and external sources, encourage public participation.
Lack of poor technology Prioritize science and technology.
Lack skilled manpowerGive training for the available jobs, encourage vocational and technical education.
Destruction by natural calamities Control floods and landslide through afforestation, embankment, etc.
CorruptionDevelop good governance, bring strong laws against power abuse.
Unaware citizens Raise awareness programme, make ordinary people responsible for development.