The devices which are used to produce or display result of processed data is known as output devices. Their types are.
i. Soft copy output device - monitor.
ii. Hard copy output device - printer.
Soft copy output devices produce the result on screen for temporary purpose where as hard copy output devices produce the result on printed form permanent purpose.
CRT monitor LCD monitor
i. It is made by glass and heavier. i. It is made by liquid crystal material and
ii. It is cheaper and not portable. ii. It is expensive and portable.
iii. It produces low quality. iii. It produces high quality output.
Printer is hard copy permanent output device. Its types are:
  • Impact printer
  • Non-Impact printer.
Impact printer Non-Impact printer
i. It produces sound while printing. i. It does not produce sound while printing.
ii. It is cheaper. ii. It is expensive.
iii. It prints slowly. iii. It prints fastly.
iv. E.g. Dot matrix Iv . E.g. Laser