The purposes of studying social studies are listed below:

  • To know about our social problems and solutions.
  • To be able to respond to the geopolitical changes and the needs of the country.
  • To train students to be socially responsible, environmentally friendly, politically well- informed and individually honest.
  • To know about the history, natural resources and beyond the earth.

The education in Nepal has not developed well. There are lots of problem regarding education in Nepal. Some of the problems and their solutions are listed below:


  • People are still not aware about the value of education in Nepal.
  • Facilities of education of higher education are far from enough.
  • Technical education is highly limited and provided by very few educational institutes.
  • Poor people cannot afford good education.


  • Government should provide free education to poor people in rural areas.
  • Women literacy should be encouraged.
  • Awareness programs should be conducted so that the people understand the importance of education.
  • New technologies should be implemented in order to modernize education.
Between the two structures, I prefer the present structure of school education because in this structure the classes are divided into different levels according to their age group and their ability to study. The previous CDC proposed structure was divided only into three levels due to which education was complicated.

I have studied the data of several countries and came to know that the literacy percentage of Nepal is the lowest. To make the literacy rate of Nepal 100%, it should launch the programs as follows:

  • Free and compulsory education for all.
  • Education should be declared as human rights.
  • Awareness programs should be conducted for increasing enrolment.
  • Special education for disabled, women, children, old and adult.
  • Equal management of education in all parts of the country.
  • End of discrimination in education.

Although the major number in dropouts is due to the poverty, some number can be seen due to the house works and agricultural works. In their dropout, the parents are less attentive. Sometimes corporal punishment has also made students to leave school. Bulling is also the cause of dropouts. Failure, unstable school environment, smuggling, bad company, early marriage etc are also the other reasons for dropouts.
It can be solved by motivation in education, awareness program, respect to education, scholarship, equal opportunities, guarantee to run livelihood to the poor family.

The condition of Nepal is very poor. Till 2007, literacy rate was only 2%. Now it has been 57%. The education system is still traditional. Lecture method is prevalent for teaching which lacks practical education. Theoretical education is very common. The exam system is based on only written test. Anyhow, education is increasing our literacy rate and providing certificate to students. The benefits we can get from education are listed below:

  • We can get knowledge from different sectors.
  • We can get employment.
  • We can create job for ourselves.
  • We can distinguish right from wrong and good from bad.
  • We can give lots of services to others, society and nation, etc.

In my opinion, to learn to solve problems is the main aim of education. The other aims of education are:

  • To be able to produce creative works,
  • To be industrious and self-reliant,
  • To develop a sense of co-operation and responsibility,
  • To be proficient in linguistic behavior,
  • To help enhance economic development,
  • To learn to work in a group,
  • To raise one's lifestyle and prestige in society,
  • To be competent,
  • To bring changes in society,
  • To be capable of taking right decisions,
  • To develop the habit of learning new things.
The following are the reasons for efficient role of government for the improvement of the condition of women in our country:
  • Family's negligence to women in our country.
  • Unsuccessful government policy, and
  • Women's laziness to go to school and participate in literacy class.
The following are the suggestions to the government for the improvement of the condition of the women in our country:
  • Government should provide equal and appropriate opportunity to women.
  • Government should establish more number of schools and colleges for girls and increase literacy rate of women, too.
  • Government should formulate rules, regulations and laws favoring women to uplift their state. Women should be provided with special training for the general and technical efficiency and employment opportunity accordingly.

The reasons for pass percentage of private schools students is higher than the public school students are:

  • Because students of private schools are given more attention and guidance by the teachers regarding their studies and discipline.
  • Students of private schools are provided with more educational materials with proper standard.
  • Students of private schools get better environment with more standard teaching methods and laborious teachers.