The Earth is one but there are various faces of the world. We all depend on one biosphere for sustaining our lives as it provides fresh water, clean air, land for food production, living space for human being but all these are under pressure because of the world population' increasing consumption and pollution. Economic development threatens natural resources like forests, minerals and rivers which directly affects our survival and development.

Environmental resources are limited and have certain carrying capacities but due to the explosive growing population and large scale technological discoveries, human needs are always growing. To fulfill our luxurious needs we are degrading the environment but cutting trees for housing and other purposes, using private vehicles instead of public vehicles, overusing marginal land etc. Due to which environment is getting polluted. This directly affects our health by causing us many diseases like asthma, lung cancer etc., which lessens our healthy years of survival. An unhealthy person is not capable of developing a country. Development of a country halts if the citizens of the country are unhealthy. Therefore degrading the environment means affecting our own lives and development of the nation.

Sustainable development is a path for economic and social development that meets the needs of the current generation without undermining the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainable development is important as it saves national budget, fulfills the need of people, conserves natural resources, helps in the coordination between the natural resources and people and conserves natural resources for future generation. It also makes careful management of the renewable natural resources and brings harmony between the human beings and environment.

The three vital aspects of sustainable development are as follows:
  • Economic development
  • Social development and,
  • Environmental conservation.

The villagers are repenting for constructing the road which went through a hillside and would be shorter as well as cheaper as they didn't have to gravel the road. As the geographical structure of the land was not strong enough to bear summer rain the road was badly damaged and the forest area was destroyed. Not only this, the private land was buried in mud and stones. The road could not be further used.

The methods of sustainable development are as follows:

  • Carrying out developmental activities without harming environment.
  • Using alternative to fulfill the need of controlling population
  • Uniting is necessary for getting our need
  • Integrating conversational activities along with developmental activities
  • Eradicating poverty