My village lies in the Far Western hills. Chhetri, Brahmin, Magar, and Gurung depict main inhabitants of this region. The folk dance, folk songs and bands harmonium, bagpiper, Jhyali and Panche Baja are very popular. The famous one is tomtom. It is made at local level. It has right and left sides. The right sides are more powerful than left side. Magars are versed to play bagpiper while we play Panche Baja ourselves. Sorathi songs are song and dance are also performed here. Sorathi dance includes five persons. Songs related with religion and culture is sung for this dance.

If I opened a music academy, I would collect the name list of trainers, musicians and lyricists. I would also search friend to work in the academy. Then I would manage other physical facilities like building, instruments and other necessary things. I would prepare the proceedings of the academy and register in the district administration office. When the required numbers of trainees enroll the academy I will run it at full swing.

Dhan Naach is usually practiced in the Limbu community. It is performed during the harvest, the season of the major crops. Young Limbus enthusiastically participates in the dance. They dance holding each others hand to form a circle or line. The song sung on this occasion is Palam. Sometimes, too perform this dance.