Nowadays, Panche Bajas are being displaced slowly by western musical instruments. Now we should play a vital role in conserving them. The roles to be played by us the use of them are:
  • Several institutions, colleges, etc. should be established in various parts of the country that provide knowledge and training about these musical instruments.
  • Government should foster the concerned group for the use of such musical instruments.
  • Mass media should play an important role in awaring people about their use and need of preservation.
  • INGO, NGO and local bodies should be encouraged to carry on research and preserving them.
Tyamko This is the smallest musical instruments of Panche Baja and Naumati Baja. It is a radius of wood of about the span of thumb and the pinky finger wrapped by leather. It is played by hitting on it with a Gajo.
Damaha This is also one of the musical instruments of Panche Baja. It is made up of wrapping leather on radius of copper. We should make it dump for one or two days to be played well by hitting with a Gajo.
Jhyali/Jhyampta/Jhurma This is another musical instrument from among the Panche Baja. It consists of two pieces of bronze which is played by hitting one to another in different tunes.
Sahanai This is most popular musical instrument of Panche Baja. It is made up of the combination of metal and wood. It produces imploring sound while blowing by putting between the laps. The people of Dhading district called it Tipshane.
Narsinga This musical instrument also fails under the group of Panche Baja. Made of copper, it resembles the shape of half moon. This kind of musical instrument bears gradual expansion to the lower part. It is played by blowing it.
Recently a wedding ceremony is going to be organized in my locality. Here, there was a contradiction of opinions among the youngsters and matured ones regarding the use between Panche Baja and band Baja. As such I suggested the following ways:
  • Panche Baja looks old and may feel awkward to be carried but they should be given emphasis and priority because they are our national, cultural identities.
  • Panche Baja has lost its identities, so they have to be revitalized and reintroduced for the growing new generation.
  • Let the use of Panche Baja bring a shame of pride and glory at the wedding house, locality and on the way for managing to organize it.
  • No matter, if the bride grooms family can afford it, then both Panche Baja and the band Baja be managed as a fusion and interest of old and new generation.