The coordinate axes are mentioned below:

  • XOX' is called the x-axis or abscissa.
  • YOY' is called the y-axis or ordinate.
  • The point O is called the origin.

Similarly, The quadrants of coordinate are mentioned below:

  • The region XOY is called the first quadrant.
  • The region X'OY is called the second quadrant.
  • The region X'OY' is called the third quadrant.
  • The region XOY' is called the fourth quadrant.


Given point, A(2,3)
Since both x and y coordinates are positive, so it lies in the first quadrant.

Also, Given points, B(-3,2)}
Since x-coordinate is negative and y-coordinate is positive, so it lies in the second quadrant.

Similarly, Given points, C(-2,-3)
Since both x and y coordinates are negative, so it lies in the third quadrant.

And, Given points, D(3,-2)
Since x-coordinate is positive and y-coordinate is negative, so it lies in the fourth quadrant.