When a person causes Hepatitis B, the liver of the body is affected.

The bacteria known as Treponema Pallidum causes syphilis.

HIV stands for Human Immuno Deficiency Virus and AIDS for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

Gonorrhea is a contagious disease that is brought by a germ known as Neisseria Gonococcus and affects genitals, urinary track, rectum, cervix etc. The germ is received due to sexual contact with infected person or other sources like vaginal discharges containing the germ.

  1. Painful, burning and frequent urination
  2. Puss-like discharge from penis and vagina
  3. Inflammation in urinary track or genitals.
Control measures:
  1. Adopt healthy and safe sex relation
  2. Take proper care of genital hygiene
  3. Discourage girls trafficking, prostitution and heterogeneous sex
  4. Spread health education
  5. If infected, consult doctor immediately for treatment

AIDS is transmitted through following ways:

  1. exual contact with the HIV infected sex partner
  2. Transfusion of HIV infect blood
  3. Drug addiction
  4. HIV infected mother to her new baby
The following measures can be useful for controlling HIV/AIDS
  1. Raise public awareness about the modes of transmission and effects of HIV/AIDS
  2. Create employment and earning opportunities for the vulnerable daughters and their parents
  3. Legislate laws to end girl trafficking and to attain gender equity
  4. Co-operate with India and have proper control over border activities and prostitution
To prevent from sexually transmitted infections, following measures should be adopted. (1) Sexual contact in early age should not be done because of lack of appropriate and necessary skills before right age. (2) Sex with many persons should be avoided as STIs occur due to the sexual contact with STIs infected persons. (3) Condom should be used properly while having sexual contact which prevents STIs as well as unwanted pregnancy. (4) Blood should be checked properly before transfusion of it because HIV & AIDS and other STIs are transmitted through the blood. (5) Syringe and piercing tools should be well sterilized before reuse or used once only. (6) Widespread awareness on the safer sexual behaviours.