IIt was not easy to unify the multiracial statesscattered in different parts, Prithvi Narayan Shah still remembered the Sirhanchok war with Tanhun. So, he wanted to revenge and the same Raj guru Gureshwar had initiated his father and the Tanahun king Tir Bikram Sen. So, he invited the Rajguru from Benarasand gave a warm welcome to him. Then he asked him to mediate a friendship talk with Tir Bikram . Both met at the bank of the Tirshuli River. But the Gorkha troops hiding under the sand captured Tir Bikram even when Rajguru opposed, they drove him, too. Prithvi Narayan Shah chained Tir Bikram and Jailed him at Nuwakot . He also seized lppa and Malta.

Political , geographical and economicwere the two main obstructions faced by KingPrithvi Narayan Shah during his unification campaign. It was not an easy task to conquer the small states and unite them.

The different names by Prithvi Narayan Shah to different three states were: the largest vulture to Lamjung , the snake to Gorkha and the frog to Nepal . In nature, frog is eaten by snake and snake is eaten by vulture . It mean Gorkha should be aware while launching any activites.

It is very difficult for an unhealthy person to make progressin life . Whatever he has earned, is spent in visiting doctorand buying medicines . He lives a life full of irritation . He is always concerned with his ill health and diseases. Health of an individual affects the development of the country. When the citizens are healthy when there are adequate means of giving health services of challenges. They can save the country has to spend its resources in providing medical services to its people , the country cannot develop in other areas. They cannot fight agents the enemy and save the country.