There is difference in the physical diversities and climatic variation in Nepal. Nepal is physically divided into Terai, inner Terai, hills and Himalayan region. These regions represent peculiar characteristics in climate. As Terai is situated in low altitude, it is hot. In some way, it is warm in hilly region and very cold in Himalayan region. There is different life style in each natural region. Due to geographical diversities, each region has different possibilities of development.

Crops in My Community and Problems of Farmers

Paddy, maize, wheat, millet; oil seeds, potatoes etc are the main crops of my locality. Maize is planted in Jyestha month and paddy in Asaar. But sometimes there is less production if the water level decreases in its origin. If there are not any irrigation facilities, farming will be done depending on monsoon rain. There is potato plantation in Kartik and Mangsir month. Although the farmers work hard during farming, their potato production will not be large enough. Such crops will be sold within no time in the market.