Being true and speaking the truth is essence of every religion. Every religion demands being loyal towards truth. All the things we see, we hear and we know are meant to be told in a clear format, we should explain it honestly with no sense of hiding anything. If the truth is bitter then it should be told in a polite way so that any person related to case won t be affected much. If the truth is harsh then the things are to be explained sweetly. Our norms and values has always teached us we should be true, we should speak in soft, polite and sweet form in favour of truth. In any case if the truth is against the welfare of people then one should be aware about the way of revealing the truth, should be careful about when to say the truth.
Religion is the man's simple behaviour. It is rule, regulation, discipline and propriety. It is a means to spread useful qualities to human beings . As religion always protects ad safeguards us, so the importance of religion is very great.