There is very intimate relationship between climate and vegetation. It is proved by the climate and vegetation of Australia. There is dense forest in the area of heavy rain and hot climate in Australia. There are various kinds of trees, vegetation and animals. Eucalyptus trees of Australia have provided economic gain through providing the medicine oils. There is grassland in monsoon climate zone. Vegetation has grown as suitability of climate. Plants cannot grow against the climate. So we can say that there is a deep relationship between climate and vegetation.

The seasons of Australia and Asia are just opposite. Its main cause is the effect of sun or its location. The earth's axis is tilted about 23.5 degrees, so the Earth is never straight up and down compared to the Sun. When it is summer in Asia, that is because the North Pole and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere are pointing toward the Sun and Australia is pointing away from the sun. The Sun appears to stay in the sky longer each day (really, we are just pointed toward the Sun for longer each day). Because we spend more time in the sunshine and less in the shadow of night, our part of the Earth gets warmer, and we experience summer. The case reverses for summer in Australia and winter in Asia.