The following are the assistance to Nepal by China:

  1. Nepal to use China’s sea port facility
  2. Transit transport agreement to be reviewed every 10 years
  3. China to build a regional international airport in Pokhara
  4. China, Nepal exploring the possibilities of signing a bilateral free trade agreement
  5. China to explore the possibility of finding oil and gas reserves in Nepal
  6. China to provide economic and technical support to Nepal to implement the project on Pokhara airport
  7. China to distribute solar panels in Nepal’s rural areas by tapping its Climate Fund
  8. China to build, manage and maintain Xiarwa Boundary River Bridge at Hilsa, Humla
  9. Nepal, China to strengthen intellectual property system in both the countries
  10. Nepal, China to extend cooperation and exchange information on banking regulations

The following are the assistance given to Nepal by India:

  1. B.P Koirala Medical College, Dharan
  2. National Trauma Centre, Bir Hospital
  3. Farbesgunj- Biratnagar railway
  4. Hydroelectricity projects of Trisuli and Devghat
  5. Scholarships to Nepalese students
  6. Link road of Mahendranagar- Tanakpur
  7. Distribution of ambulance to hospitals and health centres
  8. Some parts of East-West Highway

The following are the assistance given to Nepalby the UK:

  1. Establishment of British Library
  2. Recruitment of Nepalese-British Armey
  3. Establishment of Budanilkantha School, Kathmandu
  4. Extension services of Radio Nepal
  5. Construction of Narayanghat to Bhutwal, Dharan
  6. Establishment of Drug Research Centre in Kathmandu
  7. Management of Solid Waste Management etc.
  8. Dhankuta Agriculture Research Centre