Seas are regarded as the storehouse of minerals and many precious substances. It has a variety of minerals. These minerals are raw materials for industries. Tourism can be developed if there are sea shores. So, those countries in the world which are developed and progressed are connected to seas and oceans.

As Nepal is a landlocked country, it faces various problems. Some of them are as follows:

  • Transportation Problem
    Nepal has to invest a large amount of capital for roads and airways.
  • Trade Problem
    Nepal requires a large amount of capital to export its manufactured and produced goods.
  • Cultural Problem
    There is less chance of cultural exchange. There is less opportunity to understand each others' culture and lifestyle.
  • Economic Problem
    Most of the landlocked countries are poor. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world.



Many European countries have easy access to waterways. Sea is the sources of minerals. These minerals are raw material for industries. Most of the countries near seas are rich. Tourism can be developed if there are sea shores. Sea beaches are good tourist destinations. Similarly, most of the Asian Countries, depend on expensive means of transport. The cost of airways and roadways are expensive than waterways. So, the European landlocked countries are relatively developed than the Asian landlocked countries.

A country which is surrounded by land is called a landlocked country. Some of the problems faced by the landlocked countries are as follows:

  • Land transportation costs many times higher than sea transport.
  • There may be less chance of cultural exchange.
  • A landlocked country is probably isolated from the rest of the world.
  • Due to weak international trade, a landlocked country has to suffer from the frequent price hike.

Nepal is a landlocked country. It has to face many difficulties. So, to solve the problem, the Government should give proper attention to the country's situation. The country should use the available resources and use a natural protection for its domestic industries, to overcome this condition.

The landlocked countries bear high transit costs due to physical distance.

Landlocked countries have to depend on the higher amount of imported goods. So, they have to bear trade deficit.