Children are the foundation of the society and the nation. They are the future of every society. They need more care, that is why they deserve special attention, facilities, and comfort. But, children of the world are facing different kinds of problems. They are suffering from the discrimination by the state and society.

Children in Nepal have limited right to life, survival, and development. Many children die of different kinds of communicable diseases. Many of them are left in the street to live an uncertain life. Thousands of children in Nepal have no access to basic services such as education and health. Rural children are living without even basic health and sanitation services. Thousands of children are malnourished.

The government of Nepal is attempting to support and raise the status of children through the education, by giving scholarships. The basic education will be free of cost and compulsory up to grade eight and secondary education up to grade 12 will be made gradually free of cost.

The different social organizations like UN Agencies, INGOs, and NGOs, SOS Mandir, CWIN, Maiti Nepal etc in Nepal have made contributions to support child rights activities. They are helping to raise the status of children by providing food, clothes and necessary instruments like text books and stationary goods and by establishing orphanage houses for children. They also raise voice for the children.

The full form of SOS is Save our Soul.

The major social organization that involved in the matters of child care are as follows:

  • SOS
  • CWIN
  • Maiti Nepal
  • Bal Mandir


The full form of CWIN is Child Workers in Nepal.

Nepal passed a bill on child rights in 2049 B.S.

Anuradha Koirala is the founder of Maiti Nepal.