1. She was studying compulsory English for four years.
  2. He wanted to become a government official.
  3. She hoped to become a doctor in a hospital.
  4. He asked to give him a cup of tea.
  5. He has just started to eat his dinner.
  1. Culture plays an enormous role in shaping the expectations of the people.
  2. I don't quite know what I ought to do.
  3. They were playing crosswords puzzles in the Library.
  4. How do often you go to the dentist?
  5. Ursula wrote to john about her family.
  1. It is interesting to look at the stamps of birds and animals.
  2. It is possible to learn a lot about a country from stamps.
  1. she asked me where i was from.
  2. We have been studying compulsary English for many years.
  3. I expect that you will pass you exam.