A letter is written with a definite objective. The achievement of such objectives depends upon the effectiveness of the letter. An effective letter gives the positive impression and impels the receiver to do the jobs in the writer wants. The effective letter is one which possesses following qualities:

  1. Clearness
    The effort of letter writing is meaningless if the matter of the letter is not clear to the reader. In order to make clear to the reader, it should be drafted by using simple, short, sweet words and sentences. The intention of the writer can be understood by the reader only when the letter is written clearly.

  2. Correctness
    The clearness of the letter depends on its correctness. The letter should be correct in terms of language and information. The writer should draft the letter by using correct spellings, words, grammatical structure, sentences and giving the correct information, data, and figures.

  3. Completeness
    A letter, on one hand, should be concise and, on the other hand, should be complete. The letter should include all the information that the reader wants. An incomplete letter adds confusion, wastes time money and efforts.

  4. Conciseness
    A letter should be as short as possible. The writer should never write more than what makes the meaning of the letter clear to the reader. An unnecessary discussion should be avoided and economy of words should be enforced.

  5. Attractiveness
    The letter should be attractive in its appearance. The proper document design plays a prominent role to make the letter attractive. It should be folded properly and should be put in a right-sized envelope.

  6. Coherence
    Effectiveness of a letter depends to a great extent on its coherence or unity. Coherence means writing the matters of the letter in a sequential manner. One information should be followed by other information in a sequence and one paragraph should be supported by another paragraph.

  7. Courtesy
    A letter should be written by giving due respect to the feeling of the reader. Courtesy or politeness is achieved by showing attitude and friendly behavior towards the reader. A courtesy letter always helps in increasing good will and maintaining warm relations. It costs nothing but pays many things.

  8. Creativeness
    Effectiveness of a letter depends to a great extent on its coherence or writer should not try to copy the phrases, sentences and style from others. Only creative and original writing helps in impressing and convincing the receiver.

  9. Effectiveness
    An effective letter is one which achieves its objectives. It impels receiver to do just what the writer wants. If the letter possesses all the qualities discussed above, it is regarded as an effective letter which fulfills the purpose of it writing.