The office chief is the in charge who sets the objectives, formulates plans and policies, manages resources, coordinates and controls the whole activities for achieving organizational objectives. Here are the functions of Office Chief:

  1. Setting objectives of the organization.
  2. Preparing long term and short terms plans and policies of the organization.
  3. Dividing the work among the workers in the organization.
  4. Directing and coordinating the activities of the different staff and departments.
  5. Adopting good remuneration system for motivating workers.
  6. Maintaining sound accounting system in the organization.
  7. Reporting the performance and achievement of the organization to the board and public.
  8. Evaluating the performance of the staff and departments.

Functions of Sectional Chief:

  1. Setting the departmental objectives in conformity with the organizational objectives.
  2. Preparing departmental plans and policies for achieving departmental objectives.
  3. Reporting the performance, problem and achievement of the department to the office chief.
  4. Dividing the work among the staff working in the department.
  5. Mobilizing human and other resources in an efficient manner for carrying out departmental activities smoothly.