I obviously agree with the statement. Our poor and back warded country can't face war battle to solve the border conflict but the solutions can be found through bilateral talks. We can't tackle because of lack of sources like armies, modern weapon etc.
Failure of League of Nations gave birth to the Second World War because it could not stop Japan from capturing Manchuria and Germany like countries from increasing the size of army, arms and ammunition that would breach the law of League of Nations.

Germany seems to be guiltier for the Second World War. Directly, the nations which compelled Germany to sign Versailles treaty do not seem guilty. It is so because these nations didn't declare war against Germany. At a one glance Germany seems guilty. Germany started the war. Therefore, if we analyze the contemporary situation, Germany seems guilty.
Germany lost 15% of its total land after the Second World War due to Versailles Treaty. More than this, Germany was insulted and forced to sign the treaty. Germany did not like the insult which took place even after it returned its land and paid compensation. Owing to this reason extreme nationalism, took place. And consequently, the Second World War broke out. So, these seem fully guilty.

The causes of the Second World War are as follows:

  • Failure of the league of nations
  • Europe isolation because of American's isolation
  • Unemployment
  • Economic crisis
  • Germany and Italy broke the Paris peace treaty
  • Threat of communism
  • Birth of the totalitarians and free attacks
  • Birth of stern nationalism and extremist parties
  • Political cause
  • The Spanish civil war
  • A prelude to the war
  • Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis

In 1939, Hitler demanded Danzig and Polish Corridor, the way up to the ocean with Poland. Poland rejected the demand. Britain and France supported Poland. On 24 August 1939, Hitler signed treaty named Nazi-Soviet Pact with Russia. They agreed not to fight against each other for ten years and divided Poland and take its part to their kingdom. On 1st September, 1939 Hitler began war named Blitzkrieg or lightning against Poland. France and Britain declared war against Germany. After this the Second World War began.

Three reasons of Second World War are as follows:

  • Armament and militarism:Dictatorship emerged in various countries. Hitler started armament in Germany and started compulsory military training. Military budget was increased. Similarly, Russia, Japan, Italy and Britain paid for the heavy militarism.
  • Failure of league of nations:The League of Nations was not carefully designed. The founder country of USA itself did not take its membership. Therefore, the League of Nations was a complete failure. Germany attacked Austria, Czech, Japan over Manchuria and Italy over Ethiopia but the League of Nations was unable to do anything against such expansionist activities. This ultimately resulted in World War II.
  • Rome- Berlin-Tokyo Axis:In 1936, Hitler and Mussolini signed a treaty and it created Rome- Berlin axis. In the same year, Germany and japan signed an anticommunist treaty called anti-commenters pact. Thus, Germany –Tokyo pact was formed. Italy joined this pact in 1937. It brought about Berlin –Rome -Tokyo pact 1937. It proved to be a prominent cause of World War II.