Sometimes the fire can catch house, shed, industry and forest which is called firing.

Following are the precaution for firing:

  1. Avoid smoking in bed, or when drowsy or medicated.
  2. Keep matches and lighters up high, away from children.
  3. Make sure your home heating source is clean and in working order. Especially cooking gas.
  4. Use portable heaters in well-ventilated rooms only.
  5. Check electrical wiring in your home. Fix frayed extension cords, exposed wires, or loose plugs.
  6. Only purchase appliances and electrical devices that bear the label of a testing laboratory.
  7. Store combustible materials in open areas away from heat sources.
  8. Place rags used to apply household chemicals in metal containers with tight-fitting lids.
  9. Get out as quickly and as safely as possible during firing.
  10. Try to use a fire extinguisher on a fire if available.
  11. Call fire brigade immediately.
  12. Rescue the victim.

An outbreak of disease which are easily communicable and which can hamper the existence of human beings are called epidemics.

Following are the methods to control and manage the epidemics:

  1. An awareness programme should be conducted through various media.
  2. The environment should be kept clean.
  3. Many programmes related to health should be conducted in rural areas.
  4. Water resources should be kept clean.
  5. The victim should be provided with the medication needed for the epidemics.
  6. Information about causes, symptoms and prevention should be provided to all.

Firing happens accidently by human error but during storms, hurricane, tornado and wind can cause firing. As they create friction in the environment which can cause firing.