Earthquake is mainly caused due to the movement of continental places that are enormous and manually immobile, which does not depend on the tasks carried out by human beings. So, it can't be stopped, rather we can prevent us from the disasters following proper ways for construction.

The two major earthquake prone zone of the world are:
  1. The Asia Pacific Ocean
  2. The Rocky Mountain Range
  1. Hypocenter is the inner place of the earth where earthquake originates at first. Epicenter is the place on the surface of the earth where the first vibration of the earthquake arrives from the hypocenter.
  2. Earthquake is the shaking movement of the earth surface. It occur at the joining parts of the continental plates when they move floating in the very hot liquid or semi liquid materials. Volcano is the spewing of the earth. It occurs where there is crack on the surface of the earth or the weak place which cannot bear the pressure of hot liquid of the inner part of the earth.

Earthquake is the shaking movement of the earth surface. There are many causes of its occurrence. The tectonic movement is an important cause of it. As we know, the earth's crust is divided into several parts due to deep cracks or faults which are known as continental plates. Some of them keep moving apart and some may move into each other. In this process, a big fault may occur which result in occurrence of earthquake. Eruption of volcano also causes the earthquake. When volcano occurs, lava comes out with great force causing earthquake.
The earthquake has both good and bad effect they are:

  1. It leads to loss of life and property.
  2. Infrastructure such as roads, bridges, hospitals etc. get destroyed.
  3. It causes landslide, tsunami, etc. which result in further complication.
  4. There will be formation of mountains, seas etc.
Earthquake is a natural process of shaking movement of the earth surface but sometimes it becomes very dangerous and disastrous and takes the lives of thousands of people and property of enormous amount. The effects of earthquake are:
  1. The buildings and houses fall down due to earthquake.
  2. Infrastructures like roads, bridge, industries, dams etc. are destroyed.
  3. Diseases and famine may spread.
  4. Earthquake causes landslide tsunami and storms. They cause a lot of damage.