Sustainable development means to take economic benefit what can help to raise living standard present generation without affecting the need of future generation. It means to conserve resources without affecting its quantity and quality.

Sustainable development is based on the principle of public participation.
Alternative energy development is a practical activity that falls under sustainable development.

Sustainable development is a development process that involves the wise use or responsible use of resources and that integrates necessary conservation efforts so that they can also be available for future generation. It can also be called long-lasting development. In the modern time, sustainable development is a common concern and a common goal. If resource are used indiscriminately, development is not sustainable. We use up many resources and thus, the development process is halted. For example, many of our industries can't run, if we use up our petroleum and metallic minerals whose amount is decreasing with their use. At the same time, unsustainable development is not environment friendly. It not only involves overuse of the resources, but also encourages environmental problem like pollution, climate change, natural disaster etc. Thus, we have to give priority to sustainable development while running our development works.

The principles of sustainable development are as follows:

  1. Conservation of ecosystem
  2. Development of sustainable society
  3. Conservation of biodiversity
  4. Control of population growth
  5. Development of human resources
  6. Promotion of public participation

Development included between carrying capacity of the earth means development activities carried out accouding to the capacity of the earth. Development work must be within the carrying capacity of the earth. People cannot get those entire things that they require from the earth immediately. The earth has limited resources. The limited means and resources on the earth cannot be enough for the unlimited means of people. Over-exploitation of the resources has negative effects on the environment.