One advantage of an artificial greenhouse is that because of the high temperature we can grow plants in off seasons as well.

Greenhouse effect is the natural phenomenon in which solar radiation is absorbed by an artificial layer of gases like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, etc. but as it is not reflected/radiated back, the temperature of the earth increases. As the atmosphere acts as a greenhouse, this effect is known as greenhouse effect.
The four greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and chlorofluorocarbon.
Because of the greenhouse effect, the temperature of the earth is maintained within a range making life possible on this planet. If there was no greenhouse effect, the temperature of the earth would be less by 39°C by now. The earth would be covered with ice making life impossible.

The four effects of the increase in the quantity of the greenhouse in the atmosphere are:

  1. The temperature of the earth increases bringing out a change in the weather and affecting the whole environment.
  2. It affects the water cycle disrupting the systematic working of agriculture.
  3. The polar ice cap and glaciers start to melt causing an increase in sea level.
  4. The temperature of the earth's surface increases.

In the artificial greenhouse, the temperature is high and the conditions are like those of summer. Because of this increase in temperature called greenhouse effect, summer vegetables can be grown in winter in artificial greenhouses.

Light and short wavelength infrared rays from the sun penetrate the ozone layer and are absorbed by the soil, plants, etc. raising the temperature. These in turn emit infrared rays but because of their relatively low temperature, this has a long wavelength and is not transmitted by the ozone layer. So, the temperature increase in the atmosphere becomes the cause of greenhouse effect.

The artificial greenhouse has a higher temperature in it than its surroundings. So, different plants can be grown in off seasons as well. Summer plants can be grown in winter.

The disadvantages of greenhouse effect are:

  1. Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect. It influences forests directly the plants found in the tropical region are also found in the temperate region gradually.
  2. It may cause melting of snow in the polar region and increase sea level by which many islands will disappear into oceans.
  3. Agriculture system is badly affected.
  4. The water cycle is also affected by the greenhouse effect.
  5. Due to change in temperature of the earth many skin and eye diseases will be caused.
  6. It is helping in spread of harmful insects
  7. It is causing adverse effect on the ecosystem.

Various gases are present in the atmosphere for example: oxides of carbon, oxides of nitrogen and others act as a natural blanket for the earth. So, they let the short wave light rays of the sun to reach the earth surface. But when the long wave light ray tries to return back to space, the layer of this gaseous layer and remain trapped in the earth. This is called natural greenhouse effect and earth act as a natural greenhouse.