The following are the main causes for the rareness of animals and plants:
a. Natural calamities
b. Excessive human encroachment
c. Development activities
d. Commercial motive
e. Scientific test
f. Destruction of habitat and food

The following are the methods for conserving them:
a. Conservation of ecosystem
b. Study and research
c. Control and development
d. Restriction on hunting
e. Development of in-situ and ex-situ conservation areas
f. Forest and wild life conservation law
g. People's participation on conservation

It is impossible to conserve all kinds of creatures in in-situ conservation site. The creature vanishes, if suitable natural environment is not given. Therefore, an alternative an artificial environment is created to conserve the creatures, which are very rare and likely to vanish. Ex-situ conservation is an artificial conservation necessary to increase the number of rate plants and animals through special care in a limited area. It is helpful for breeding new variety and they may be transferred to the natural environment for the protection of rare species of animals, birds, reptiles, insects etc. Similarly, Botanical Garden of Godawari has been helping to protect and promote valuable rare species of plants.