Since the mountain region is wet, coniferous type of vegetations like Thinguresalla, Dhoopisalla, Gobresalla, rhododendron, Bhojpatra, etc. are found here. The plants are short and bent with thorns. Various kinds of important herbs like Timur, Chiraito, Panchaule, Padmachal, Jatamasi, etc. are available. Biodiversity of animals and birds is limited because of the cold climate. The wild animals available here are musk-deer, Thar, Ghoral, Siru, Habre, snow-leopard, etc. animals like wild boar, leopard and birds like Danphe, Munal, Chilme, Kolkras, Kalij, etc. live here. People rear sheep and yak in this region.

Hill region is very rich in biodiversity. Forests of uttis, katus and chilaune are found here. Due to the altitude and topography, different types of plants like sal, simal, peepal, salla, bamboo, etc. are found here. At higher altitude, the crops like maize, barley, buck-wheat, millet, etc. are cultivated. In lower part and the plain, the crops like paddy, maize, wheat, etc. are produced. Mango, pear, orange, banana, lemon, etc. are main fruits of this region. Different sorts of animals and plants are found here due to topography and diverse climate. Bear, leopard, deer, monkey, chital, wild cat, etc. live in this region. Besides this, hilly region is rich in birds like kalij, eagle, hawk, dove, parrot etc.

The Terai region is rich in vegetation. The plain has hot evergreen forest. There is deciduous forest in the lower part of Mahabharat, tar and valley. In different parts from west to east, plants like sal, sisau, satisal, khayar, harro, barro, etc. are found. Different types of animals and birds are found here. This region is the habitat of mammals like tiger, elephant, wild buffalo, leopard, deer, rhino etc. Apart from these animals, there are bears, monkeys, boars, pythons, peacocks, wild cocks, saras, hawks, giant hornbills, etc. also live here.