The conservation of bio-diversity means the conservation of whole biome. There must be conservation of their required shelter and their gene quality. We should conserve bio-diversity:

  • To promote natural scenes : As we all know that the variety of animals and plants create a beautiful landscape, it has a great importance to human being but such gift of nature should be given proper conservation by its proper use. For this, the biodiversity should be conserved.
  • For economic and social development: The flora and fauna of the environment are the sources of various productions. Animals and plants can be the good source of income.
  • To balance the natural process: The activities in natural ecosystem such as the birth and death of creatures, destruction, rotting are running. The plants, birds and animals, micro-organism have helped in automatic running of these activities. If conservation of biodiversity is not made all, the organism will be affected by the adverse effect of the natural process.

The natural resources are anything that can be obtained from the physical environment. The renewable resources can be produced more but non-renewable resources are very limited in number. If there is any deterioration in either aspect of the environment, the ecosystem will adversely be affected. The sustainable use of resources means to use them in conservation basis so that they will not deplete following tips help to conserve the resources and use them sustainable basis.

  • Use the perpetual resources more.
  • Produce the renewable resources more.
  • Use alternative resources of energy.
  • Reuse and recycle of non-renewable resources.

The five reasons which justify the need of biodiversity conservation are:
a. Biodiversity needs to be conserved for maintaining balance in the natural process of water cycle, temperature and climate regulation and growth of different types of animals and plants.
b. Biodiversity when preserved maintains the natural scene that can be use for scenery, tourism, recreation etc.
c. Innumerable research activities are possible on biodiversity. Such research activities are part of human life.
d. Conservation of biodiversity helps to maintain existence of living beings in nature. It also saves valuable resources for future generation.
e. Biodiversity is to be protected for breeding of improve varieties of agricultural crops and animals.