The animal and plants are the part of nature. They have their own distinct features. The natural environment is favorable to all living beings. It is nature's creation where natural process takes place. The living things such as plants, animals, insects and organisms decorate the land and different topography.

Due to biodiversity, there are variety of species of various animals. They bear unique features and characteristics we can bring improvement even in undeveloped species by cross fertilization with improved breeds. This type of breeding helps to improve the quality of established domestication. Within domesticate, they can be crossed to generate new variety in the world. The improved varieties are hybrids, which produce high yield of excellent qualities.

The biodiversity is the chief source of raw materials for the industries and food and herbs are required for running the life of the people. Raw materials are made available from the organic materials. The development of herbs and its use helps the development of medical science. Different kinds of goods are made available from biodiversity are required to conduct human activities.

The chief source of diversity is bio-diversity. There are religious places of cultural importance in different places. It has created beautiful natural status in different places of the country. The environmental tourism has special importance for study and research of such beautiful places. It is a working area for local people and foreigners. The country people and foreigners are attached as tourists for this.

The importance of biodiversity can be presented as:

  • Agricultural product: The crops like paddy, wheat, maize, barley, etc. are the main foods of people. The source of this food is the agricultural biodiversity. In the ancient time, people brought the useful crops from the forest and cultivated to produce food for them. Then, they selected best seeds to get high yield. The process contributed in the development of best agricultural crops, which are the sources of food for people.
  • Animal products: Animals are the sources of milk, meat, eggs, labour and other raw materials. Fish is another source of food. Birds can be taken as the beauty of nature. The bones are used for clothes, bags and other decorative materials. Some medicines are made by using some animals' products. People can conduct farming to produce more production.
  • Plant products: Plants are the sources of food, flowers and raw materials. Industries use leaves, bark, fruits, etc. of plants that are collected and marketed. Plants have the economic values in improvement of living standard of the people.

The importances of biodiversity are as follows:

  1. Agricultural products
  2. Animals and plants products
  3. Production of domestic resources
  4. Improvement of breeds
  5. Conservation of soil
  6. Conservation of watershed
  7. Natural scene
  8. Tourism development