Brazil is one of the industrial countries of South America. Foreign investment has been fully encouraged here so big industries with foreign investment have been opened. The Corpuscular is the 10th biggest company in Brazil with Brazilian investment. It produces alcohol from sugarcane to supply clean fuel for cars.
The five advantages for a country from having such a company are as follows:

  1. A country can gain trade profit by exporting the products of such companies.
  2. The resources of a country will be used properly.
  3. Industrial profit or income would not go to the other countries due to local investment.
  4. Employment opportunities can be created through the expansion of such companies.
  5. Country will be self-sufficient in various industrial products.
  6. Country can rely on clean, locally produced energy.

In Brazil there are many industries running in foreign investment. Some industries are based on agriculture products. The economic condition of Brazil is getting better with the help of extensive forest based industries, coffee processing, agro based industries, electricity, generation plants and cattle rearing. Cocoa is a major product here. The extended grassland in Argentina is called pampas. Here, cows are kept in large scale for milk and meat. From here, packed meat is export to the European countries on huge ships facilitated with refrigerator. These areas are famous as the prairies in North America for wheat production. Sheeps also are reared in the southern part of Argentina. From it, people get wool and meat in large scale.

Argentina is one of the greatest exporters of meat in the world. There are several reasons behind this. Some of them are:

  1. Most of the parts of Pampas's grassland, Patagonia desert fall here. So, cattle rearing has flourished, cow, sheep, buffaloes, etc. are reared in large quantities at commercial scale.
  2. The processed meat is exported to other countries.
  3. Sometimes raw meat is exported to other countries. Another reason for export is that the production is so great that it cannot be consumed within the country so it is exported. Further as many people are engaged in cattle rearing, the main source of income is meat. So people sell, eat and earn currency through meat.

South America is the richest continent because:

  1. It has a large number of gold mines and other minerals by exporting which it derives a lot of income.
  2. It has good access to sea and so water transportation (trade) is much easier.
  3. It lies in the Mediterranean region. Agriculture here is much more favorable in comparison to other continents.