North America lies totally in the northern hemisphere but Africa and South America lie in both hemispheres. There are no big deserts and rainforests in North America but most parts of Africa and South America are covered by deserts and rainforests. Temperature climate with moderate temperature and enough rainfall is found in most parts of North America.
But tropical and dry climate is found in most places of Africa and South America. North America is developed as an industrial continent, and South America is agricultural continent but Africa is least developed and poor continent. The exports of North America are manufactured goods, engineering parts, computers etc. but south America exports primary goods such as wood, timber, wheat, maize, cocoa etc. Similarly, Africa exports mostly primary products.

The problems of tourism of Africa are as follows:

  1. Increment in poaching and lack of trained police force to combat it.
  2. Unusual drought which can kill many animals and make it difficult to supply water for tourists in hotels.
  3. Lack of careful environment and adequate grazing and imbalance of environment for animals.
  4. Lack of closeness to animals, plentiful food and water and vehicle to tourists.

In the areas where rainfall is reliable there are large scale agriculture farms, called estates run by rich people. They are running either on government ownership or on the ownership of multinational companies. The crops like banana, coffee coca, cotton, tea, mango, grapes, apple, peaches, olives, etc. are grown in these estates and they are exported in large scale. This makes foreign currency. In such estates, there is proper management of food, water and house for settlement.