Bir hospital is the oldest hospital of Nepal.

A hospital with 50-150 beds is called zonal hospital.

There are 25-50 beds in a district hospital.

In Nepal, approximately 45000 children die annually due to diarrhea.

The fifth five year plan of Nepal started including health related programmes.

OPD stands for Out Patient Department.

Hospital is an institution where patients are treated by specialist and registered medical practitioners with modern technologies and medicines. Necessary beds are provided for patients in hospital. Besides checking and medical treatment, preventative, curative promotive and rehabilitation services are also provided in hospital.

Hospitals are classified into district hospital, zonal hospital and regional hospital in terms of the numbers of bed, workers and so on. The hospitals having more than 150 beds are called regional hospital. Some of the famous hospital of Nepal are Kanti Children Hospital, Maternity Hospital, Patan Hospital for mental diseases, TU Teaching Hospital etc.

Beside the modern technologies of treatment, Ayurvedic hospitals are gaining popularity in Nepal. Naradevi Ayurvedic Hospital and Singh Durbar Vaidhyakhana are among the ayurvedic institutions providing ayurvedic treatment and medical services to the people. Needless to say, hospitals in Nepal have not been fully equipped and public oriented. Many regional hospitals or those inferior once lack skilled health workers, equipment and medicines. Most good hospitals are confined in city areas and charging heavy fees for their services which are not affordable by most of the people of Nepal.

The difference between health post and health center are as follows:

Health post Health center
1. Health post are basic health service centers. 1. Health center is a higher level of health service center.
2. Minimum facilities are available here.
2. Better facilities are available here.
3. There is no provision of specialist and bed facility. 3. There is provision of specialists and bed facility.

The following are the difference between outpatient department and inpatient department.
Outpatient department Inpatient department
1. Patients are checked, medicines are given and necessary counseling is given in outdoor department. 1. Patients are admitted and checked thoroughly in indoor department.
2. Outdoor patients are referred to indoor according to the intensity of diseases. 2. Indoor treatment is a profound treatment. All types of treatment are done here.

The difference between primary health center and hospitals are as follows:

1. Primary health center Hospital
2. A primary health center is established to provide primary health care, mainly, for local community people. 1. A hospital is established to provide advance health services for people of large area.
3. It is run mostly by people who are not highly skilled and under local participation. 2. It is run by many and highly trained as well as educated manpower under institutional management.
4. Specialist health service is no available there. 3. Wide varieties of specialist health services are available there.
5. There are not advance medical apparatus for medical tests and surgical operations. 4. There are advanced medical apparatus for medical tests and surgical operations.
6. There are not beds for admitting patients. 5. There are several beds for admitted patients.