Notes on lesson on Arithmetic |


After completion of this chapter, students will be able to:

  • find the cardinality of sets, solve the word problems of two sets using Venn- diagram & get acquainted with word problems involving three sets using venn- diagram.
  • solve the problems related to unitary method.
  • solve the practical problems of percentage.
  • solve the problems of profit and loss which includes marked price, discount, commission, tax nd bonus.
  • solve the practical problems of simple interest.
  • solve the problems on ratio and proportion.


Commission Taxation and Bonus

The amount paid by a company or manufacturer at the certain rate for the service or the sale of the certain type of item in certain quantity is called commission. Commission, in general, is expressed in percentage(%). A person, organization, industry or company the amount at a fixed rate or certain criteria to the government or the government institution for the earning of capital that amount paid is called a tax.

Home arithmetic

Home arithmetic is simply the arithmetic that is used for the services used in our daily life.

Profit and Loss

Every people involved in business wants to profit from their business. But is not sure that every business has profit some may go on the loss.