Notes on lesson on Correspondence |





Correspondence is the most means of written communication. It is the process of exchanging official information between individuals and organizations of different places. It is the process of receiving and sending letters for achieving a definite objective. This note has information about correspondence.

Qualities of a Good Letter

A letter is written with a definite objective. The achievement of such objectives depends upon the effectiveness of the letter. An effective letter gives the positive impression and impels the receiver to do the jobs in the writer wants. This note has information about the qualities of a good letter.

Parts or Structure of a Letter

A letter is made up of its different parts. These parts should be arranged properly and orderly to make the attractive, meaningful and effective. This note has information about the different parts of letter.

Handling Mails

Handling mail is a process of receiving, recording and dispatching the receiving and sending letters and documents in properly. Handling mail is also known as 'Darta Chalani'. Handling mail is one of the important routine functions of every office which should be performed by the office assistant efficiently. This note has information about handling incoming and outgoing mails.