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The Electron


Millikan’s Oil Drop Experiment

R.A Millikan measured the charge of an electron using a simple method known as Millikan’s oil drop experiment. This note provides us an information on Millikan’s oil drop experiment.

Discharge Tube

If an electric current flows through a gas, it is known as electrical conduction or discharge in the gas. This note provides us an information on discharge tube.

Thomson’s Experiment to Determine Specific Charge (e/m) of Electrons

The ratio of charge to mass is called the specific charge. This note provides us an information on Thomson’s experiment to determine specific charge (e/m) of electrons.

Cathode Rays and Motion of Electron Beam in Electric Fields

The invisible rays, emerging normally from the cathode of a discharge tube, kept at a pressure of the 0.01 mm of Hg and under very high potential difference of the order of 10-15 KV, supplied from the induction coil, are called cathode rays.