Environmental Degradation and its Conservation

After completing this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Define disaster and disaster management.
  • Discuss about how to fire and epidemics minimization and management.
  • Write the reason of climate change and acid rain.
  • Describe the affects environment by activities of people.  
  • Explain the safety measures of earthquake.
  • List the some agencies involved in environmental conservation.
  • Describe the preventive measure of landslide and flood.
  • Describe the methods of conserving environment.


Air and Water Pollution

The mixing of dust particles, foul gases and harmful smoke in the atmosphere is called air pollution. This note provides information about air and water pollution.

Green House Effect

An artificial house which is made of glass or plastic inside where the temperature can be more than the outer environmental temperature is called greenhouse. This note provides information about Advantages and disadvantages of Green House Effect.


The shaking and vibrating of the earth's surface is called earthquake. This note provides an information about earthquake.

Preventive Measure of Landslide and Flood

Those disasters, which are mainly caused by nature, are called natural disaster. This note provides us with an information about flood and landslide.

Agencies Involved in Environmental Conservation

The National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) was established in 1982 by a Legislative Act as an autonomous and not-for-profit organization, to promote and conserve the heritage. This note provides us an information about agencies involved in environmental conservation.


With the ever increasing population of the world demand of people is also increasing. This note provides us an information on the environment and environmental pollution.

Land and Noise Pollution

Human actions have also caused many large areas of land to lose or reduce their capacity to support life forms and ecosystems. This is known as land degradation. This note provides us with an information on land and sound pollution.

Climate Change and Acid Rain

The climate is the average weather pattern of the certain area experienced over a long time. This information provides us with an information on climate change and acid rain.