Notes on lesson on Environment and its Balance |

Environment and its Balance

After completing this lesson. student must be able to:

  • Define the relationship between natural resources and living beings.
  • List the national parks of Nepal.
  • Describe about wildlife reservation and conservation area of nepal. 
  • Write the importance of forest.
  • Write various birds and animals, which are considered as rare, are found in various parts of Nepal.


National Parks of Nepal

A national park of a conserved area is a dwelling place for wild creatures. This note provides an information on national parks of Nepal.

Wildlife Reserves and Conservation Area

The Shuklaphanta wildlife reserve is located in Kanchanpur district of Mahakali zone in far western development region. This note provides us an information about wildlife reserve and conservation area.

Forest Products

We get wood and medicinal herbs from the forest. Medicinal and aromatic plants are the valuable forest resources of Nepal. Neem leaves have antiseptic properties. This note provides us an information on forest products.

Animals in the Verge of Extinction

Clouded leopard has clouded body with spots in various parts. This note provide us an information on rare animals.

Natural Resource and Human Dependency

Living beings survives in water, air, forests, minerals and land. Humans cultivate wheat, maize, mustard and barley. This note provides us an information about natural resources on which human depend on.


Nepal is a small country but rich in biological diversity. About 53.3% of the total land area of Nepal is covered by forest. This note provides us an information on forests and its importance.