Notes on lesson on Civic Sense |

Civic Sense

After completing this lesson, student must be able to:

  • List the elements of democracy.
  • Explain the legislative body of Nepal.
  • Write the importance and  functions of legislature.
  • Describe about democracy.
  • Describe organ of Executive.
  • Explain the types of tiers where Judiciary of Nepal has been composed.
  • Write the functions of the Supreme Court.
  • Explain about children right and Child Labor Prohibition and Regulation.


The Legislative Body of Nepal

Legislature is one of the important organ composed of representatives who are either directly or indirectly elected by the citizens of a country. It is formed to formulate laws of a country. This note has information on working of the legislature.

The Judiciary of Nepal

Judiciary is the independent organ of the government whose function is to provide justice to the innocent, punishment to the culprit and safeguard the rights and duties of the citizen. This note provides us the information about judiciary and its functions.


The executive is the organ of the government that carries out the decisions and order of the parliament. Generally it consists of the councils of ministers along with the state head, either a hereditary monarch or an elected president. This note provides us the information about executive and its function.

Human Rights

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that all people are entitled to regardless of their age, sex, nationality etc. This note has information about human rights.

Women Rights

Those rights that promote a position of legal and social equality of women with men are called women rights. This note has information about women and their rights.

Salient Features of the Interim Constitution of Nepal 2063

The constitution is the supreme law of the country and all other laws are subordinate to it. This note has information about the salient features of Interim constitution of Nepal 2063.

Duties of Citizen

Duty, simply, means doing something good for others' benefit. It is a responsibility that a person assumes to other individuals and the society he/she lives in. This note provides information about the duties of the citizen.

Social Rules

Those rules which are to be followed by every member of a society are called social rules. This note has information about social rules.