Notes on lesson on We, Our Community and Nation |

We, Our Community and Nation

After completing this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Describe some information regarding Nepal.
  • Explain the formation of Development Regions.
  • List the basic aspects for development.
  • Explain the importance of Development Regions. 
  • Define physical environment of Development Regions of Nepal.
  • Define public participation in regional development.
  • Explain the meaning of development.


Human Resource

Human resource is the people who work for the organisation for performing the tasks given to them for the purpose of achievement of goals and objectives of the organisation which is possible only through proper recruitment. This note provides us with the information about the human resource for development.

Drinking Water

Water is a basic need of life. Without water, it is impossible to survive. Moreover, water is required for cooking, washing, cleaning, etc. This note provides us with the information about the importance of drinking water.

Our Development Regions

Nepal is divided into five development regions. This note provides the information about our development regions.


Development is a change which brings improvement in the lives of everyone living in the country. This note contains the description of development.

Importance of Development Regions and Federal State

Development regions are very important for the development of a country. The main importance of development regions is the proper use of natural resources and proportionate development in all the regions. This note provides the information about the importance of development regions and federal state.


Energy is required for cooking, running industries, running electrical appliances etc. We use energy to lit fire, run heater and machines. This note provides an information about energy and its sources.

Some Ongoing Projects of Nepal

Various projects related to the road system, drinking water, electricity, education, sanitation, health, etc. are being conducted in Nepal. This note provides information about the ongoing projects of Nepal.