Primary Health Care and Safety Education

After completing this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Describe the importance of safety education.
  • Write safety measures to be adopted at home, road, school and playground.
  • Explain the concept of first aid.
  • Explain the importance of first aid.


Electric Shock

When we come to contact with live wire then the current enters into our body which harm us. It is called electric shock. This note provide us the further information about symptoms of electric shock and its first aid.


Burning takes place not only due to the fire but also due to electricity, sunshine, hot things etc. This note provides information about symptoms of burns and its first aid.


The twisting of different part of the body could tear or break the ligament due to excessive stress on joint and it gets swelled. It is known as sprain. This note provide us the information about sprain, its symptoms and its first aid.

Snake bite

Snake bite is serious problem. If the snake is poisonous it may lead the victim to death. This note provide us the information about snake bite, its symptoms and its first aid.

Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness can be defined as the sickness caused by ascent to high altitude resulting from shortage of oxygen . This note has more information about Altitude Sickness and its first aid.

Earthquake and Flood

Earthquake is the sudden shaking or vibration of the crust of the earth. It is the result of sudden release of energy from the Earth's crust. Earthquake does not kill any people or wildlife but people are killed by their constructions during the earthquake. We should create awareness programs to minimize the effects of Earthquake. When the amount of water in the river increases due to over rainfall or over the melting of snow, the water gets overflow and submerges the land. This is known as flooding. It causes great loss of life and physical properties. This note provides information about the earthquake and flood with its causes, effects and preventive measures.

Concept , Types and Mitigating of Risk

The risk is the probability of damage , the loss which is caused by internal and external .;If Earthquake may occur at any time then there will be the possibility of damage to the life , property etc. we can see the natural digester like flood,landslide , heavy rainfall , hailstone ,Tsunami , Volcanic Eruptions etc.Whereas the task of identification , analysis , control and minimization of unacceptable risk is called risk management . Every living knowing what kind of disasters are likely to occur where they are living , so all the living beings learn what to do if the disaster happens in order to stay safe .

Landslide, Avalanche and Glacier Lake Outburst Flood

A landslide is also known as landslip, is the downward movement of soil, rock, debris or vegetation due to gravitational force and avalanche is a rapidly downward falling of mass of snow, ice, and rocks. Glacier lake outburst is also one of the type of natural calamities. This disaster causes huge loss of life, properties and vegetation. This note provides information about the landslide, avalanche and glacier lake outburst with its causes, effects and preventive measures.