Primary Health Care and Safety Education

After completing this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Describe the importance of safety education.
  • Write safety measures to be adopted at home, road, school and playground.
  • Explain the concept of first aid.
  • Explain the importance of first aid.


Concept of Saftey Education

Safety education aims at preventing from accidents. It is the means and process of taking precautions to avoid the accident. This note provides us the information about safety education with its importance.

Management of Safe Home, Courtyard, Road and Play Ground

Our home, courtyard, street, school and play ground should be managed safely. If we can adopt safety measures while doing our work, we can save ourselves from possible accidents. This note provides us the information about safety measures that should be adopted at home, courtyard, road and home.

Introduction, Characteristics, Importance and Components of Primary Health Care

Primary health care is an essential health care based on practical, scientifically sound and socially acceptable methods and technology made universally accessible to individuals and families in the community. The facilities and services of PHC may vary in various countries and communities. Good health is fundamentally and intrinsically important to live a worthwhile human life. This note provides us the information about characteristics of primary health care (PHC) and different components of Primary Health Care.

Concept of First Aid

The first treatment given to the victim before arrival of doctor is known as First Aid. Immediate care and primary treatment is needed to the victim before taking them to hospital. This note provide us the information about first aid and its importance.

First Aid to Wound

Wound is caused by cutting and thrashing by weapons, pricking by sharp weapons, etc. It does not take time to heal a minor wound, but it takes longer time if the wound is deep. This note provide information about first aid to wound.

First Aid to Allergy

To avoid the things which are allergen is the best way to prevent from allergy. If the symptoms are emerged, we should try to find out the cause. This note has more information about first aid to allergy.

Artificial Breathing (Mouth to Mouth Respiration)

Patients becomes unconscious sometimes because of accidents. It is difficult to breathe and patients needs artificial breathing. This note provide us more information about artificial breathing.


The condition of being unable to breathe , entering water into nostrils and mouth, causes suffocation due to drowned into water like river, pond etc is called drowning. This note provide us more information about drowning and its first aid.