Causes and Effects of Population Change

After completing this lesson, student must be able to :

  • Find the factors affecting the population change.
  • Explain the causes of population change.
  • Describe environmental, economic and social effects of population growth.
  • List  the types of method to control population growth.
  • Describe about women health and reproductive health.
  • Give examples of violence against women.


Causes of Population Change

Factors affecting the population change are birth, ignorance, status of family, polygamy, unemployment, poverty, death, illiteracy and natural calamity. This notes provides us the information about causes of population change, different aspect affecting population change with description.

Environmental Effects of Population Growth

The increasing population results into increasing demands, needs and services. Their needs are unlimited but country has limited resources to fulfill their needs and desire. This note provides information with the effects of rapid population growth.

Measures of Population Management

Measures of population management are birth spacing, marriage at proper age, condition of women and education, female status upgrading and measures of contraception. This note provide us information about the measures to manage population like birth spacing, marriage at right age etc.

Social and Economic Effects of Population Growth

Increment in population size is known as population growth. Growing population brings changes in social values and beliefs, cultural behavior, traditions and customs of the society. This note provide us the further details on social and economic effects of population growth.

Gender Advocacy in Nepal

Gender advocacy refers to the discussion in various aspect based on gender in society. This note provides further information about gender advocacy in Nepal.

Gender Issues Intervention

Women have very few rights on matters relating to child birth, looking after a child, and educating a child. This note has more information about Gender Issues Intervention in Nepal , women health and reproductive health, Women and civil code , Women and property right.