Family Life Education

After completing this lesson, student must be able to :

  • Introduce  family life and their importance.
  • Describe the  types and size of family.
  • Write comparative characteristics of nuclear and joint family of Nepal.
  • Define the causes and changes in ageing .
  • Describe the planning of family for future.
  • Explain the definition of marriage.
  • Describe about advantages of marriage at proper age and disadvantage of early marriage.


Needs of Family

Every family needs basic, physiological, and additional needs. Basic needs required for the family are: food, housing, clothing, sex, health and education. This note is elaboration on the information about needs of family.

Family Life Education

Family life education is that practice of education which help in the overall development of family members. This note gives us the information about family life education, its objective and importance.

Introduction To Family Life

The group of individual related either by blood, marriage or adoption, living under the same roof and dining in the same kitchen and creating and practicing a common subculture is called family. This note provide us the information about family life, origin of family and its importance.

Features of Nepalese family

Families have common features.It is the network of different types of relationships and it is also the inheritor of cultural and social values of the earlier generation. This note elaborates about features of Nepalese Family.

Responsibilities of Parents

The responsibilities of parents is known as the role, efforts and contributions of the parents for the children. Parents have to perform vast responsibilities towards children. This note provides information about the responsibilities of parents towards their children and roles of parents on takin

Planing of Family

Planning which makes family members happy through proper management and proper use of resources is called the planning of family. Family welfare is possible only with the appropriate planning of family. This note provides us further information on how to plan the family and what are benefits of pl

Ageing Population

Aging is a natural process and it cannot be controlled by any one. This note introduces aging along with its causes, problems and changes that occurs in a ageing period.


A social phenomenon which establishes a kind of relation between male and female according to the social norms and values is known as marriage. This note provide us detailed information about marriage and its types.